Family dances around their ailing grandpa to heal him with the power of JOY

Screengrabs of video shared on Facebook/Twitter
They say happiness is the greatest medicine of all. There is a transcendental reflex that comes from the joy of being around the happy faces of your loved ones - and that, on many occasions, can be the greatest healer of all.

Putting that very notion to practice, a viral video doing the rounds on social media, shows a Punjabi family dancing around their bed-ridden relative in the hospital, spreading a few joyous smiles across the room.

The ailing man is said to be the grandfather of the kids, who're seen syncing their moves to the fun-filled Punjabi party-anthem, 'Teen Peg.'

The duo are also joined by their 'daadi' and mom - who try their best to cheer-up the sickly, yet all-smiles patriarch.

Isn't it adorable how the granny grabs a hold of his hand as they look at each other?

As the video made its way to Twitter, people couldn't help but gush over cuteness of the whole thing...

You see, the viral stuff isn't always about 'the negative'... 

This is what you call dancing in the face of adversity. 

Sending our positives wishes and all our "get-well-soons" to the grandpa and his adorable fam!


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