Farmer travels 1500 KM on bicycle to search for his missing disabled son

Representational Image (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Satish Chand - a UP based farmer has covered over 1500 KM on his bicycle in search of his long-lost disabled son.

The 48 year old parent of the teenager, ventured out of his home in search of his 11 year old, who went missing from a village in Hathras district nearly 6 months ago. Having no clue about his whereabouts, Chand carries a rugged old photograph of his son, who as he says, suffers from learning disabilities.

The farmer says that when he did not receive any help from the UP police, he ventured out on the road himself - to look out for him.

"We are from Dwarikapur village in Hathras district," Chand told reporters. "On June 24, Godna, my son, left home for school, which is about a kilometre away. He has learning difficulties. When he didn't come back by evening, I went to inquire at the school and also ask his classmates. Someone told me that he was seen at the Sasni railway station nearby. I hurried there, but Godna was nowhere to be found."

The distressed father has traveled across Delhi, Kanpur and Haryana - with no information on the whereabouts of his son. Speaking to Times of India, he said, "I continued looking for him for the next four days and finally reached the police station on June 28. But officials refused to register an FIR or even a missing person's complaint. On my repeated requests, they put a stamp on my complaint letter and asked me to leave. I thought I couldn't wait any longer, so I just took out my bicycle and set off, asking people along the way if they have seen my boy. I have little money, no resources and no influence. Who else will help me?"

The troubled parent of the 11 year old says that he has showed his kid's photograph to every village he has gone to, but no one has been able to tell him anything about him.

As people caught the attention of the tired, hungry and frail looking Chand, who started sobbing after traveling all those miles to no avail, his plea reached the ears of Agra-based child right activists - who then forwarded the matter to the UP police.

Chand's ordeals do not end here, nor did it start from here. The 48 year old has already lost his daughter to a prolonged illness and another son, aged 9, in a road accident. Godna is their only child left.

"People ask me why I have undertaken this futile exercise. They don't understand the sorrow of a father whose only child is now missing," he said.

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