HRD Minister says, No boy will marry a girl who comes to mandap wearing denims

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In what is being termed as a "sexist" and "misogynistic" statement by several people online, HRD minister Satyapal Singh, in a recent public gathering, stated that no boy will be willing to marry a girl who comes to a wedding 'mandap' wearing denims.

Addressing a congregation of students, who gathered for a ceremony marked as the 'foundation day of Maharana Pratap Siksha Parishad', the BJP minister, very casually passed on his remark to the crowd.

"Nobody will be ready to marry a girl who comes to the mandap (wedding stage) in jeans,” he said.

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Singh, who serves as a union minister of state for Human Resource and Development department, unabashedly made his point during a function at Gorakhpur, which interestingly, was also been attended by UP Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath.

Though some people have argued that the context of the statement was just to reiterate the importance of dressing-up to the occasion, others have called it inherently sexist, stressing that it roots from a prolonged habit of our leaders to morally preach women on what and what not to wear.

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