Kangana Ranaut gives perfect reply on Zaira Wasim's on-flight harassment case

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Kangana Ranaut isn't just a feminist because of the kind of women-centric roles she choses to portray on-screen. The 3 time National award-winning actress also holds strong opinions when it comes to the issues of sexual harassment and crimes against women.

The 'Queen' actress recently gave her views on the incident of Dangal Actress, Zaira Wasim's viral post about being molested by a fellow passenger in a Vistara flight - and in doing so, summed-up the issue in the best way it could have been explained.

Speaking at a recent media event, held to launch Shobha De's new book, Ranaut stressed on why speaking up against sexual molesters should be encouraged and why people should refrain from imminently shaming the victims, because as mere spectators, they really can't ascertain the nature of any such contact and assess what happened in their personal space.

"The backlash this young girl is getting is so upsetting. Instead of lauding a girl for speaking up, people are judging and questioning her," Ranaut said.

Here is how she perfectly summed-up and explained how not-to-react when it comes to issues related to sexual misconduct and abuse:

"There are witnesses who are claiming that the 'innocent' man just happened to put his foot on the arm-rest, and that was the only crime that the person committed...If anybody is going to put his foot on my armrest, it is open to interpretation - is this emotional harassment, or sexual, or personal? Because you're in my intimate space, so I am going to interpret it. Fellow passengers can't tell me that its innocent leg-resting...gesture."

Watch the outspoken actress beautifully articulate her thoughts on the subject:

Oh yes! And being the 'badass' that she is, she also pointed out that she may just have broken the leg of the person - had it entered her personal space.

"That is just wrong," she said.

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