Kerala Muslim girls who danced in a flashmab silence fundamentalists with another video

Earlier this month, three Muslim girls from Kerala were trolled and criticized by religious fundamentalists and the "thekedaars" of 'customs and cultures' for dancing in a flashmob organized in the city.

The video captured on December 1, featured the girls performing for an AIDS awareness programme - the footage of which led them to be called-out by moral-preachers who questioned their participation , particularly for being Muslim girls.

But instead of backing down after the harsh criticism and stinging words of haters, the girls responded with the most perfect way they could have - by doing another, bigger and better flashmob.

This time, the girls were accompanied by youth organizations from across the state - who performed flashmobs in all 14 distrits of the state.

Led by left student wings, with the banners of Students Federation of India, the 'hijab-clad' girls were accompanied by both Non-Muslim girls and boys - as they danced in the face of orthodox religious fascists.

Show 'em how its done!

Great job girls!

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