MP man held for marrying his 12 year old niece. She was kept hostage for 2 months.

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A pedophile man from Madhya Pradesh has been arrested for marrying his 12 year old niece and keeping her hostage for over 2 months.

The incident took place in MP's Guna district, where Razak Khan (the accused) resided along with his wife and parents-in-law. It was after Khan's wife left him, when he decided to execute his plan of marrying his niece after convincing her to visit their house.

The unlawful union took place in the presence of the man's family members, including his father who acted as the girl's guardian, his brother who formalized the wedding as a lawyer and a number of other family members who all convinced the teenager that it was only a fun-play of doll-marriage.

The young girl's age was shown as 18, in order to make it legal before the law.

The child's ordeals did not stop there, as after the wedding proceedings, she was locked-up inside the man's house for nearly 2 months without allowing her to have any contact with her family.

Distressed, the child's mother, who stays in Rajasthan, was then informed about the marriage to Khan. The mother then reached MP and managed to rescue her daughter with the help of the local police. 

Razak Khan has been arrested, and booked under a number of IPC sections including the POSCO act (which specifically deals with sexual offences against children). The people who helped Khan in conducting the marriage are also in police custody as of now.

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