Rajasthan man shoots his daughter and burns her alive for having an affair

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In a horrific incident of 'honor killing', a Rajasthan man has been arrested for shooting his 17 year old daughter, and then burning her alive when she did not die of the bullet. 

Banne Singh, who lives in Rajasthan's Dholpur, was upset with his daughter, who was a school student, for having an affair with a guy for the past three years, despite the family's disapproval of the same.

Singh tried to end the affair by moving his daughter to another school, but after noticing that the relationship did not end with that attempt, he decided to call his daughter back home.

Upon her return, Banne with the help of his younger brother shot the 17 year old, and later burnt her alive with the help of his wife.

The three have now been arrested by the police for murder and destruction of evidence, after the girl's aunt disclosed the horrifying and disturbing episode to the cops.

The incidents of such "honor killings" aren't new to our society, but every time a case like this is reported, it makes us question the ideology that pushes people to rather shed blood than accept someone being in love.

What is the honor in killing your own kin for falling in love with someone against your will?

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