SRK gives Rs 5 Lakhs to medal-winning boxer who was struggling to pay his medical bills

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Shah Rukh Khan lent his helping hand to an ageing sportsperson whose financial situation made it difficult for him to pay his medical bills.

The superstar actor and owner of Kolkata Knight Riders provided financial assistance of Rs 5 lakhs to Punjab-based boxing legend, Kaur Singh - who was struggling to pay off his medical bills.

SRK was emotionally moved after coming across Singh's story on a Times Of India report, published this past week. The 69 year old former Asian Games gold medalist was not able to pay his medical dues of Rs 2 lakh, accumulated during his cardiac-treatment.

The actor spoke to TOI on Saturday and said, "Sportspersons bring pride to a country and it is our duty to look after them as a society. After reading about Kaur Singh, we as a sporting unit, felt the need to stand by our fellow sportsman and urge everyone else to do the same in their own way. We wish Kaur Singh a speedy recovery and a healthy life."

SRK isn't the only one to have extended his helping hand for Singh. The boxing legend has received sums of Rs 1 lakh and 2 lakh from Boxing Federation of India and the Chief Minister of Punjab, respectively.

Overwhelmed by the outpouring love and assistance, Singh said, "After receiving such huge support from all over the country, I feel as if I am reliving the glory of the past. I thank everyone who came out and extended help."

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