Starving baby elephant rescued and carried on shoulders to be reunited with his mother

There have been plenty of tragedies reported throughout this year, that constantly make you loose your faith in humanity. But an inspiring story from Tamil Nadu about the rescue of a baby elephant may just give 2017 the perfect end it needs.

A new incident from Ooty has come to light, where a group of animal rangers rescued a baby elephant who had fallen into a pit and was separated from its herd.

After the rescuers managed to pull the distressed baby out of the canal, they tried to shove it away in the direction of its mother, however the freshly rescued baby, kept turning back towards the rangers.

Finding no other way to send the baby back to its mother, one of the rescuers decided to carry it on his shoulders to leave it around his mother's safety. 

One of the bystanders told South West News Service, "The forest department team safely pulled baby out of the trench. A member of the rescue team carried it on his should to return it to its mother."

Watch the moment captured on video below:

Wonderful to see the extent people go to, to ensure the well-being of the voiceless, isn't it?

Faith in humanity restored.

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