Taimur looks like a fluffy ball of snow holidaying with Saif and Kareena in Switzerland

After stealing the limelight at Kapoor family's annual Christmas luncheon, Taimur is enjoying his first experience with winter snow along with mom Kareena and dad Saif.

The 1 year old cutie was spotted vacationing with his parents in Switzerland and the pictures are as adorable as ever.

Covered inside a fluffy jacket, sitting over a sleigh ride, the little starlet looked like a fuffy ball of snow alogside mommy and daddy.

This cutie has had quite an eventful month, starting from his birthday at Pataudi farmhouse, then a Christmas family gathering at the Kapoor house and now a getaway to the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland with fam.

Here's the little one's month in a brief flashback:

And if you've ever had the urge of squeezing and holding the chubby-cheeked bundle of joy, you're not the only. Mom Kareena, also can't get enough of making the most of this phase of her parental life. 

"Saif is quite English in his approach. I’m quite the Punjabi — I’m always cuddling my son. Saif has to tell me off for squeezing him till he can barely breathe!," Kareena was quoted telling DNA. "But he’s only one and I want to enjoy this as much as I can. It’s important for us to create a happy atmosphere in which Taimur can thrive. Obviously, as a working mum, I want to make sure we raise a happy and independent child."

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