Anushka Sharma targeted yet again, for Virat Kohli's poor performance on the field

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Twitter
Remember how Anushka Sharma was constantly trolled for how Virat Kohli performed on the field, as if she had a direct influence on the whole thing?

The utterly rude and distasteful remarks of people were so jarring that Kohli himself had to step-in to shame people for blaming Anushka for his own under-achievement on the field.

Despite Kohli's criticism, people have not really learned anything from it, as it seems.

After a month-long wedding celebrations, Kohli returned to the field for his first test series against South Africa - but failed to deliver in the match after a short stint of only 5 runs.

A number of fans then had the nerve to yet-again bring Anushka in the midst of it all, calling her a distraction, 'unlucky charm' and a 'bad omen.'

Not only is the logic behind the notion absolutely absurd, it is also unfair to shame Anushka for how her husband performs at his sport.

It was not cool then, it is not cool now.

Have a look at some of the reactions below:

Can you even believe these people?

Although we're assuming, being married now, the couple may already have made an understanding about the possibilities of such situations (considering the background of Kohli's sport) and how to not pay any mind to them, we also wonder if this will yet-again trigger Kohli to make another post, putting the trolls back to their place.

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