Daughter gets her lonesome widowed mother remarried through online matrimonial site

Most children have the tendency to overlook their parents' desire and longing for love. In a society that continuously attempts to bar the pursuit of a relationship with age, it is difficult for single mothers and fathers to express their desire of  having someone to hold on to.

This deep longing of an ageing parent was understood by a Gurgaon-based young girl, who set her single and lonely mother up to remarry through an online-dating forum.

Sanhita Agarwal's story was published on Hindustan Times, which details how she got her widowed mother married again, going against the naysayers among their relatives and acquaintances.

Sanhita's mother Geeta, was left to live alone when her daughter moved to Gurgaon to pursue her career. Her husband had already passed away 2 years ago, following a cardiac arrest - which left her entirely on her own.  In an attempt to heal her 53 year old lonesome mother, Sanhita set up a matrimonial account on Geeta's behalf - a search that ended with her finding a KG Gupta - a widowed man who too was looking for a partner for his himself.

Although, initially hesitant, the mother-daughter duo became certain of Gupta being the 'perfect match', when he traveled all the way to Jaipur to take care of Geeta - when she underwent a hysterectomy this past November.

KG Gupta and Geeta are now married, formalizing their vows in December 2017, all thanks to Sanhita's efforts to curb her ageing mother's loneliness.

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