Father brutally assaults 10 YO son. Video recorded by mother helps in his arrest

Most kids from the 90's have grown up in an environment wherein a couple of whooping from their parents was quite the norm. A few smacks as a punishment for our naughty behavior was considered 'acceptable.'

But there is a line between a mild physical punishment to teach kids a lesson and to point black assault them with all your prowess for their mischiefs. 

A shocking viral video from Bangalore showcases a man crossing all boundaries in the name of "punishing" his kid for lying. The graphic and violent video shows him brutally assaulting his 10 year old son, as he cries and pleads to let go.

The clip was recorded by the man's wife almost two months ago, in which she can be heard insisting him to let go off their son.

Not only does the man slams the kid on top of a bed several times, he also drags him to the ground and then kicks him repeatedly. 

(Warning: Graphic content)

The video surfaced in the public domain when the woman gave her cellphone to a mobile repair shop, where an individual found the recorded footage in the gallery and imminently informed an NGO.

Following the footage making its way to the mainstream media outlets, the man was arrested by the police on Saturday morning and a case against him was also registered at the Kengeri Police Station.

Bengaluru West Division, DCP - MN Anucheth said in a statement:

"We have arrested the father under the Juvenile Justice Act. The matter is being investigated. We have charged him under the Juvenile Justice Act 82 and the Indian Penal Code Sections 323 and 506."

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