Frustrated from Baahubuli actress Tamannaah's movie choices, Man throws shoe at her during an event

Source: Wikimedia Commons
How far would you go to express your dissent over your favorite artist's professional choices?

A supposed "fan" and movie buff was so aggravated by actress Tamannaah Bhatia's recent movie selections, that he took a rather physical root of retaliation and threw a shoe at her. 

The "frustrated" fan was attending a ceremony where Tamannaah was the special guest invited for the inauguration of a jewellery store - which is when the man hurled a shoe at her direction. The good thing is - the target was missed and Bhatia was not hit with the footwear; the bad thing - someone else got struck with it.

The incident has also been captured on video, in which the man can be seen throwing a footwear at the actress' direction on stage, which lands itself on one of the store's employee instead.

Although cops immediately came into action after an FIR was lodged against the fanatic, he got a taste of Tamannaah's actual fans present at the event, who slapped and beat him beforehand. 

Following his arrest, the man admitted it was the actor's recent movie choices that instigated and frustrated him to protest in that manner.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Truly a frustrated "fan" or just an attention-seeking twat?

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