Maharashtra-born man marries his Vietnamese boyfriend in the presence of close family and friends

The LGBT community in India may still be fighting against the archaic 377 law - which criminalizes homosexuality, but that doesn't stop love from growing and finding its way out.

A US-based Indian techie chose Maharashtra as the outlet for formalizing his relationship with his Vietnamese lover, tying the knot with all the proper Hindu rituals on December 30th.

Hrishi Mohankumar Sathawane, married his boyfriend Vinh, who hails from Vietnam, in the presence of his entire family and friends this past month. The ceremony took place at a hotel which is said to be only a few KM's away from the office of the Police Superintendent.

But like most LGBTQ people, seeking blessings of his parents did not come easy for Hrishi, as they were initially against their relationship. But after some efforts and convincing, the couple's wedding and affiliation did eventually witness the presence of their loved ones.

Dressed in traditional Indian attire, the two lovebirds gleamed as they struck a few poses for the cameras after exchanging their 'Varmaalas.'

Speaking to NDTV, Hrishi dished on his decision to conduct the ceremony in his hometown instead of the United States, where he now resides with a green-card.

"I chose to get married in because that's where I was born and brought up and that's where a lot of my friends are."

He also expressed his views on Supreme Court's struggle in doing away with the article 377:

"Its a simple matter of two people falling in love and wanting to live their lives happily, not bothering anyone. So, I don't really see why should anybody have objection to that."

The union does serve as quite a statement in a society, that is still struggling to recognize love beyond gender-roles and norms. 

Congratulations to the newlyweds! 


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