Man climbs on top of 350 ft tower. "I will only come down if you ban Padmavati"

In a Sholay-meets-Padmavati-meets-Karni Sena situation, a young man climbed on top of a 350 ft mobile tower with a demand to have his wish of having 'Padmaavat' banned from releasing.

Taking the ongoing protests against the movies to a whole new level (literally), this man from Bhilwara, Rajasthan climbed atop the 350 ft tower and threatened to light himself up with a bottle of petrol he carried with himself.

"I will come down only when Padmaavat is banned in the country," the man said.

Of coarse like most other threats related to the protests against the movie - no casualty was reported, but the incident is not quite reflective of the seriousness of the actual damage the ongoing protests are causing - including massive vandalization of public property.

Despite the Supreme Court's nod for the release of the movie, barring any of the state governments from banning its release - the protests from various right-wing groups, who seem to have taken offense at the alleged 'objectionable' portrayal of the titular character, continue to be on rise.

We laughed at the idiocy first, but now it makes us question how, in a country that suffers from so many societal challenges - a part-fantasy, part-period drama is getting so much attention for all the wrong reasons. A question of priorities, really.

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