PM Modi's Switzerland pictures turn into hilarious memes. Check out the best reactions

As you may already know - prime minister Narendra Modi is in Switzerland's Davos to participate in the World Economic Forum, where he delivered an empowering speech speaking on a variety of subjects.

Later during his visit, the prime minister also took the time to stroll through the snowy backdrops of the city and posted a picture of the same on his various social media outlets.

But as usually happens with most of his public sightings, the picture soon turned into and sprouted a series hilarious memes and Twitter flooded with photo-shopped responses to the shot.

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As one Twitter user instigated everyone to pull-out their meme-game with a sarcastic 'green signal', Twitter unleashed the best they had to offer to it.

Check out some of the most hysterical reactions to the image:

When it comes to turning himself into a viral meme, PM Modi never really disappoints.

If in case you missed out Modi's speech from WEF, you can check it out below:


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