'Sanskari' cover-up: Deepika Padukone's waist covered with VFX in 'Ghoomar' video

Despite Supreme Court's nod to remove the state-wise ban on 'Padmavati', the Sanjay Leela Bhansali directorial continues to remain the subject of outrage and vandalism instigated by right-wing extremist groups.

As the debate still continues, despite the movie getting another release date, which happens to be this Friday - the makers and producers are trying their best to dim the controversy by complying with the various number of objections raised by the Rajput community.

If changing the name of the movie from, 'Padmavati' to 'Padmaavat' wasn't enough, it looks like the producers have now gone ahead to remove Deepika's bare waist (midriff) as seen on the video for the movie's popular single, 'Ghoomar.'

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An update that seems to have been made only hours before, showcases Deepika's waist digitally covered with a similar piece of clothing - perhaps in an attempt to tame-down another area, the likes of Karni sena had their eyes on.

Still can't believe what you're reading? Watch the updated video below:

This should help you spot the difference, just in case you couldn't already:

As people on internet are left wondering - whether to laugh at the idiocy or cry at the nuisance, that led the filmmakers to come up with something like this, one can't help but wonder how the "Sankari" make-over validates the representation with merely a few inches of skin.

For those of you who liked the original version of her attire, another version of the video is still available on YouTube (until that is taken down or covered up too):


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