Shaan reveals he's not been "getting work" for a while, but doesn't want any 'sympathies'

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Not that long ago, Shaan and Sonu Nigam were dominating majority of Bollywood soundtracks with their skilled instruments, lending their voices to some of the biggest projects of the decade. 

Things have changed now.

In an industry that is now driven by 'quick inputs' and 'fast results', the facet of music is taken over by "technological advancements", where one's vocal instrument is not of as great significance as it used to be. 

With electronic, synthetic, and computerized beats replacing classic instruments, poetic songwriters being replaced with people who can write something 'Hip and fresh' in "Hinglish" and singers being replaced by rappers and auto-tuned voices of some beautiful faces - the need for melody-driven, trained vocalists has slowly diminished. 

Admitting to being "out of scene" for a while, Shaan recently sat down for Saavn's latest show, 'Talking Music', reflecting back on his career-peak and not getting any work opportunities in movies anymore.

"Today you are as big as your social media following is," the 'Tanha Dil' singer said. "So, I’m just holding on to whatever I get as answers, because I really don’t have an answer to why suddenly no one wants to get me to sing for them. It’s not like I had a very dated style of singing or I had a very typical way of singing that I exhausted singing over the years."

He further added:

"I have still to find someone who can mimic me, almost every singer has been mimicked. Not that I have had an attitude issue or I’ve been rude with people or I’ve asked for a lot of money. The one good thing no one’s done any great favours for me and I’m happy that I’ve been there for whoever has ever wanted me around."

Clarifying that he's not someone to "knock at people's doors for work", Shaan said:

"There was a time when without even knocking at any doors, things were just happening and now for me to do it I almost feel that bolenge… ‘shaan bechaara aake gaana maang raha tha yaar, kya time aa gaya hai na’. I don’t want someone to even come up with something like that."

Although, it is indeed sad to know that a talent like that is being wasted - isn't it surprising, that after so many years of being in the industry - a singer is still pretty much dependent on other musicians and big-shots to get 'some work.'

Shouldn't someone who's been around for as long as Shaan has, be able to create work for himself?

Quite a contrast from the music industry in the west - where already-established artists have the power and resources to put out music on their won, if they have the drive for it. 

Here, even the "biggest stars" are still dependent on and are at the bottom of the money-generating machinery. 

If India had a Pop music industry, outside of mere movie soundtracks, this would not have been the case.

The need for breaking Bollywood's monopoly is apparently realized and felt by Shaan, who has recently released his first independent single in a long while, entitled 'Surilee.'

"My wife encouraged me, and told me to do it for myself, to enjoy what I’m doing," Shaan said on his new venture.

Listen to his latest single below:

Let us hope more artists take the lead for an independent pursuit of music, beyond Bollywood playbacks and soundtracks.

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