Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan set for Bolllywood: Has started working as an assistant director

It was almost inevitable Aryan Khan was going to make his Bollywood debut sooner or later.

The oldest kid to Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, Aryan was one of those celeb kids who always garnered immense attention wherever he went.

The inevitable seems to be occurring finally now as the 20 year old has stepped-into the process of filmmaking - but not as an actor, but an assistant director to a short-movie project.

The teen heartthrob, who resembles hist superstar dad a lot from his younger years, took to Instagram to announce his involvement in a 90-second feature by Alex and Brannen, which he has assisted as a co-director. The short feature is a part of a competition organized by Uber, USA - for which the youngster has seeked the support of his fans.

As SRK had previously revealed, Aryan happens to be passionate about working as a filmmaker - and although that doesn't necessarily mean that he wouldn't step in front of the camera at a later point (like Aamir Khan did), his first stride as an assistant director would definitely help him understand the process of moviemaking a bit more.

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Besides, having an influential dad like SRK and a godfather like Karan Johar - who previously stated with firmness that he will be the one to launch the star kid as and when it happens - Aryan will have no dearth of opportunities when he decides to make his big Bollywood debut.

Would you be looking forward to what SRK's eldest one has to offer if and when he decides to face the camera?

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