Sushmita Sen's tough workout routine and super-toned arms will inspire you to hit the gym!

Sushmita Sen has always been one of those Bollywood actresses who have carved their own niches and walked in their own individual paths.

The former Miss Universe's personality, philosophy and approach has always reflected in the choices she's made in her personal and professional life - whether it be the elegance with which she carries herself while graciously motivating several aspiring young girls or choosing to be a single mother to two beautiful daughters.

Sen, who's been quite 'low-key' with the number of movies she's put-out lately, has got another platform to inspire men and women alike.

The 42 year old star has been training herself hard at the gym, coming forth as the new face of female fitness-enthusiast from B-town.

Shush's new-found passion for working-out, has been yielding pretty great results - as can be seen in the recent shots of her new athletic physique, showcasing her muscled-up and toned arms.

Check it out for yourself:

Sen constantly shares pictures and videos of her rigorous training sessions on her social media handles, and the sight of it would inspire you to hit the gym again!

But of coarse, the clippings and stills are topped with long philosophical and motivational thoughts in her own inimitable fashion.

If you've been wanting to hit it hard at the gym, just to treat your own body right - Sushmita Sen is the inspiration you need for the day!

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