Virat Kohli kisses his wedding ring after after scoring 150 runs against South Africa

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Virat Kohli showed his lady-love some appreciation right from the field, as he reached the score of 150 runs in the ongoing test series against South Africa.

The team India captain took out his wedding ring, which hung around his neck through a chain and kissed it as a gesture of regard to wife Anushka Sharma.

Kohli who tied the knot with Sharma back in December, made his return to the field after a month long wedding celebrations with the actress, but it did not quite start off as great as his fans had expected of him. The cricketer's poor initial performance, during the first couple of matches, led Anushka to be criticized and directly blamed by several cricket fans and generic online trolls.

Watch the moment below:

Kohli's warm gesture can also be looked as a statement to every naysayer, who attempted to bring the spotlight on Anushka, every time Virat made a slip on the field.

As expected, people couldn't help but gush-over their undeniable chemistry that doesn't seems to leave even when he's playing on the field.

Why is this making us feel all mushy inside?

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