Virushka meet Akshay Kumar during their South African vacation and have lunch together

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are off to South Africa for their second post-wedding trip together and are making the most of it.

As we shared a few pictures and videos before, the couple was spotted shopping in the busy markets of Cape Town while Kohli was seen shaking his leg along with fellow cricketer Shikhar Dhawan on the side of the busy pavements.

But the newlyweds aren't the only ones who're relaxing and soothing themselves in the coastal city; actor Akshay Kumar is also enjoying a prolonged vacay in the city along with his wife and kids.

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So, it was only matter of time the three of them got together for a little catching-up!

The couple was spotted lunching together with Kumar during a sunny afternoon in the city.

Oh and if in case you missed Kohli and Dhawan's "Bhangra on the streets of SA", here it is again:

Here are a few more shots from the couple's fun-filled vacay:

Both Anushka and Virat will head back to their respective work after their SA trip, while Akshay too would be soon headed back to India to continue the promotion of his upcoming flick, 'Padman.'

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