Wait, what? Bihar college students invite bar dancers to Saraswati Puja function. Watch the shocking viral video.

Leave it to the radical youngsters to pull out something rebellious (sometimes, outrageous) from their pockets every now and then. Be it putting taboo subjects on the table, challenging orthodox societal norms or merging two absolutely distant paradoxes together.

But a few students from a Patna college may have crossed the line of decency, as during a supposed religious function in their campus, the students, much to everyone's shock, invited bar dancers to the event.

This incident occurred at the BN College campus on Monday night, where the students said to have 'fooled' the authorities by inviting bar dancers at a Saraswati Puja function - the pictures and videos of which have now gone viral, forcing the authorities to look into the matter.

The college principal - Raj Kishore Prasad, has denied knowing about the students' plan of inviting bar dancers to the event, and has been assuring that a 'strict action' would be taken against the ones involved.

“The college administration asked the hostelers about the incident, but they denied any such dance performance. We will not go soft on them and strict action will be taken against the students who were involved in the act."

The administration seems to be taking the matter seriously, as they have also formed a five-member committee which will instigate probe into the incident and try to bring out the ones involved. An FIR has also been lodged with the Pirbahore police station.

Watch the viral video below:


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