Watch: Footage of Arijit Singh "loosing it" on-stage after his mic wouldn't work properly

Source: Wikimedia Commons
It is quite unusual, but no uncommon, for artists to lose their cools while performing on stage.

There are so many technicians involved in putting together a show, that a technical glitch from one person's end could reflect badly on the overall performance. Singers in the west keep on experiencing such goof-ups (Remember, Mariah Carey's "playback fiasco" from 2017 New Year performance?).

Singer Arijit Singh found himself in a similar situation in the middle of a performance when his microphone didn't behave the way he expected it too.

Now most seasoned performers would try to project like nothing really happened and smoothly signal someone to fix things up for them, but Arjit apparently isn't one of them.

In a file footage, that now seems have resurfaced and gone viral, the singer is seen unleashing his "growling" abilities as he screams in the air to "fix his mic" - in the middle of a live performance.

'Somebody f**king fix this mic!'.

Watch it below:

The supposed 'angry young man' clip of Singh has actually sent Twitter in splits who can't help but unleash a flurry of memes at his rather hilarious outburst.

What a public meltdown re?!

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