Actress Disha Patani responds to News Channel calling her childhood pic 'Ugly'

Source: News24/Twitter (Left Picture)/Wikimedia Commons (Right Picture)
There are many times media outlets run outrageous, often dishonest headlines to grab the attention of their viewers.

Remember, Times Of India running a story displaying shock over Deepika Padukone's bust-line showing through her dress in a zoomed-in picture of her breast? The actress' response, dissing the leading news daily for sexualizing her body part, started the whole 'My Choice' movement by her.

Now in a similar fashion, another leading news outlet, posted a childhood picture of actress Disha Patani - comparing it to her current appearance and stressing how 'ugly' she looked then.

What is even more disgusting about the sleazy remark - is that Patani is dressed in a school uniform in the said picture, so she was still just a kid when it was taken - and to judge her appearance (or to consider it 'unsexy' or 'ugly') propagates a predatory outlook towards young girls.

And it wasn't just the headline, the article also called her 'ordinary looking' and 'dull.'

How unprofessional and irresponsible could they be?

Responding to the attention-seeking remark and article, Disha took to Twitter to throw some subtle sarcasm their way, wondering if she should have dressed up in a 'beautiful gown' for school back then.

Here is how she responded:

Great that she put them to their place as the channel seems to have deleted the article after being criticized for it.

Disha's reponse was rather mild, coz we would have gone all out on them!

What do you think?

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