Bus driver Salim Shaikh, who saved 52 Amarnath pilgrims, donates one-month salary to the Army

Salin Gafur Shaikh - who saved the lives of 52 people during a pilgrimage to Amarnatha has now donated a sum of Rs 11,000 for the welfare of the Indian Army.

The bus driver, who had promptly responded to protect the lives of the passangers during a terror attack back in July 2017, was awarded "Uttam Jeevan Rakha Padak" during this year's Republic Day celebrations.

The inspiration to donate the sum of eleven thousand - which is equivalent to a month's salary for Shaikh, has sprung from the selfless help he and his passengers had received from the Indian army during the rescue operations.

Speaking highly of the Army's efforts to Times Of India, Shaikh said:

"They saved us, got us treated and also ensured that we reach home safely. Because of Indian Army I and other 52 passengers of that bus are living happily with our families. I am proud of Indian Army and it is the strongest in the world."

He further added:

"I recently saw on news that four Army jawan have been martyred then I thought to do something. I donated whatever I had in my bank account," he added. "Family of Army men give the real heroes to our country."

To refresh your memory, Shaikh was driving a bus filled with Amarnath pilgrims almost a year ago, when it was attacked by a group of terrorists - promptly responding to which he drove it at full speed in the dark shadows making its way past the bullets being fired by the terrorists.

The lives of 52 people were saved by his action and he continues to inspire with his nobility with another act of public service.

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