Complaint against actor Jeetendra for an alleged sexual assault nearly 50 years ago!

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Actor Jeetendra has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman way back during his younger years.

The Himachal Pradesh police has confirmed that they have received a complaint against the 75 year old star for sexually molesting a woman in an incident, claimed to have taken place almost 5 decades ago.

Said to be a relative of the actor, the woman has filed a 2 page complaint against him - alleging him of sexually abusing her when she was only 18, while the actor was 28.

Jeetendra's attorney Rizwan Siddiquee has already rubbished the claim calling it 'baseless' and questioning its timing. 

"Foremost my client categorically denies any such incident. Even otherwise such baseless, ridiculous and fabricated claims cannot be entertained by any court or police after a span of almost 50 years."

According to the complaint the alleged incident had taken place back in January 1971, after the woman's father had arranged for a meeting between the two without her knowledge.

The two later ended up in his hotel room, where they were to spend the night in two seperated beds far off from each other.

Kapoor is then claimed to have entered her space, smelling "strongly of alcohol" - which is when he sexually assaulted her.

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The complaint has come in the wake of the ongoing #metoo movement in Hollywood, which has brought to light a vast number of cases of sexual violation and physical assault from the past. 

Although a number of Bollywood actors have previously hinted that a similar movement may bring out some of the biggest B-town names down to the mud, noone really seemed to have taken the first step to speak about it yet.

So, is it the beginning of Bollywood's own #metoo movement now?

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