Drunk girl dances in front of her boyfriend's house: "Tere Ishq Mein Nachenge"

How far would you go to express your heartbreak after being dumped by someone you once loved?

How about getting high on booze and dancing in front of their house?

Sounds like a scene from a 90's Bollywood, flick right? Well, this is exactly what a scorned woman from Gurgaon did as a reaction to being dumped by her boyfriend.

A video which has now gone pretty viral on social media - shows the tipsy woman dancing bare-foot in front of her alleged lover's house. Not only that, the woman brought along a DJ truck right in front of the guy's house in Halmandi, Pataudi - as danced to tracks like 'Tere Ishq Mein Nachenge', 'Dhol Jagiro Da', etc, etc.

Watch it below:

The crowd looked intrigued as everyone from the locality flocked around her and her personal "DJ booth."

Although we couldn't really find the whole purpose of doing something like this - but it appears it was done by her to express her "heartbreak." (Alright then)

Could you picture yourself pulling something like this in front of your ex's house?

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