Farewell Sridevi: The celebrated actress makes her final journey back home to Mumbai

Sridevi's body finally arrived at her Mumbai residence - nearly 72 hours after she was declared dead at her Dubai hotel, as a result of an accidental drowning.

News of her death shook the entire nation on 24 February, as initial statements hinted at a possible cardiac arrest, which were rebuked by the findings of her autopsy, confirming it as a case of 'accidental drowning' in the bathtub of her hotel room.

The actress was in Dubai with her family to celebrate and participate in the wedding of her nephew, Mohil Marwah - shortly after which she breathed her last.

The proceedings related to the forensic tests, reports and further investigations, delayed the departure of her mortal remains from Dubai, regarding which one of the official feeds of the government of Dubai also released a statement on Twitter:

“The decision to release the body came after all the investigations and procedural matters followed in such incidents were completed, in order to determine all its circumstances and ensure that justice was done within the framework of the law.”

As the media ruckus around her death continue to make a mockery of the situation, we are trying our best to remember her life than to sell her death. An artist who gave almost 5 decades of their lives to the platform, definitely deserves better and so does her family.

It is rather shocking and appalling to see mainstream television media outlets disgracefully screaming and shouting for footage right outside of her residence as her body arrives amidst tight security from the Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport in Mumbai.

The same could have been captured without requiring to make it look like an IIFA coverage. It is not a darn red-carpet event people!

Some of the television reports looked so disgustingly distasteful that they were embarrassing to even watch (showing doctored images of the actress in a bathtub, mocking the circumstances of her death.)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

As close family and friends arrive to bid their final goodbye's, Sridevi's remains will stay put at her Lokhandwala residence, until tomorrow afternoon - when the cremation is scheduled to take place.

Hope it is going to be a peaceful affair, unlike the ruckus caused by the poorly organized reporters during the body's arrival today.

RIP Sridevi.

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