Indians booked entire movie theater in the U.S. to watch 'Padmaavat' and dance in 'Ghoomar'

Usually its a sight common in non-multiplex theaters in suburban localities, where you would expect moviegoers and film-fanatics to get up on their seats and dance on the beats of their favorite star's number being placed on the big-screen or do something similar outside the screening venue.

But expect this "desiness" to go along no matter where we go.

In the zeal and mania revolving around the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Padmaavat', both domestic and international audiences are flocking to the movie theaters - giving it close to a record shattering 250 crore worldwide collection in its first week alone.

After a cheerleader team shook the NBA halftime with a puri desi performance of 'Ghoomar', a large group of NRIs booked an entire movie theater in the U.S. to not only watch the SLB's magnum-opus in big-numbers but also dance to its tunes.

It looked more like a scene from an Indian wedding as most of these people showed-up in heavy traditional attires and jewelries, as they also gathered outside the theater to swing to the Deepika Padukone-led dance number - 'Ghoomar'.

See it to believe it:

The Deepika, Ranveer and Shahid Kapoor starrer has opened with a great response in theaters across the world.

After all that the movie has been through (and is still going through) the outpouring love from movie-lovers must be giving a major sigh of relief to everyone associated with the team.

Anyway, this looked super-fun and we so wish we could be a part of it!

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