Maneka Gandhi calls officer accused of corruption 'Haraamzada Mota'. Right or Wrong?

Source: Wikimedia Commons
BJP MP Maneka Gandhi couldn't quite hold back her frustration as she called out a government official accused of taking bribe during a public meeting, using some out of the box abusive words in Hindi.

The Women and Child development minister filmed hurling abuses at an official during a public meeting in Baheri, Uttar Pradesh - where he was facing numerous corruption charges from people.

The entire incident has been captured on video in which the veteran politician and animal rights activist can be heard criticizing the individual for taking a bribe, calling him a "fat bastard" (paraphrased).

"Ek toh tum haraamzaade itne mote ho - uske upar se logo se khate ho, tumhari izzat kya hai (First you are a fat bastard and on top of that you eat bribe from people, what respect do you have)," - she can be heard saying in the 36 second long clip.

Watch it below:

People are as usual divided on the incident - as some call her frustrated rant justified - as it is being uttered against a corrupt official, while others are seen criticizing her for the usage of unprofessional and indecent language before letting law take its coarse.

What are your thoughts?

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