Muslim man has undertaken renovation of an old Hunuman temple in Gujarat, setting an example of communal harmony

In times when religious strings are so fragile that it only takes a little push for people to get out there on streets, a Gujarat man has set an inspiring example of maintaining communal harmony in the society.

Moin Memon - a resident of Ahemdabad has taken up the task of renovating a 500 year old temple of lord Hanuman, setting an example of peaceful co-existence among all locals.

The 43 year old builder has completed devoted himself to the reconstruction of the 'Bhid Bhanjan Hanuman' temple in Hanuman Gali of Mirzapur - which has been going on under his direct supervision for the past two weeks.

Memon has helped implanting new saffron tiles on the outer wall of the temple - which is still under construction.

Recieving full support from the temple's priest, Memon has undertaken the complete expenditure of the renovation with the sole aimi to restore it to its previous state.

"I have grown up seeing the temple in its vibrant glory. I offer namaz five times a day but as I passed by the temple, its dilapidated condition pained me. I contacted the priest, Rajesh Bhatt, and offered to renovate it. He Happily agreed,"he said.

"It is a shining example of communal goodwill and brotherhood for the entire country," the temple priest said.

It indeed is.

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