POLL: From 'Get Out' to 'The Shape Of Water': Who should win Best Picture at the Oscars? Vote here.

So the 90th Academy awards are right around the corner and although most movie 'forecasters' have already layed down their predictions of the possible winners - the movies nominated this year have quite a stiff competition with each other.

Concentrating on the 'Best Picture' category - there are 9 masterpieces of varied genres nominated this year, each of which have been equally talked about (Perhaps because there isn't one particular standout winner).

Breaking the age-old stereotype related to horror movies not being considered serious enough to contend in the category, the Jordan Peele directed box-office smash, 'Get Out' has scored a nod, then of coarse you have everyone's favorite heartwarming fantasy-drama, 'The Shape Of Water' - featuring the sublime Sally Hawkins.

Frances McDormand's 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri' (which was also quite a success at the box office, earning nearly $111m against a budget of $12m) is one of the top contenders, alongside the Steven Spielberg directed political drama, 'The Post' - which stars the ever-so-perfect Meryl Streep in the lead role. And of coarse, not forgetting one of our personal favorites - the coming of age romantic drama 'Call Me By Your Name.'

So while the Academy decides what it has to decide, if it was upto you, which one of these 9 flicks would you pick as the most deserving 'Best Picture' winner this year?

It is time for you to vote on our poll again!

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Which movie should win 'Best Picture' Oscar this year?

The Post
Lady Bird
Get Out
Darkest Hour
The Shape Of Water
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Phantom Thread
Call Me By Your Name
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