Salman Khan just tweeted "Mujhe Ladki Mil Gayi" and Twitter went into a frenzy!

Source: Wikimedia Commons
That the subject of Salman Khan's marriage turns many of his fans into that 'Shaadi wali aunty' who wants to get all of her nieces and nephews married ASAP - is a well-known fact.

The 52 year old actor's marital status has been the subject of much discussion throughout his on and off relationships with every woman he's ever been with - a question he often tosses around with quirky jokes hinting it may actually never happen.

So, when yesterday the actor took to Twitter to proclaim that he's "finally found the girl" - Twitter, as usual, couldn't chill - and came up with the wittiest responses.

Here is what Khan actually wrote on his tweet:

And as you would expect, this is how it sent Twitterverse berzerk:

The actor later calmed every one down by "clearing" - he was indeed talking about an upcoming movie for which's "he's found" the heroine.


Did you really think he was actually going to do it?

Source: Wikimedia Commons


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