Salman Khan seeks to remove Arijit Singh's song from his movie?

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Salman Khan is someone who most Bollywood peeps do not want to mess with.

The widely-proclaimed 'Bhai' of the industry is infamous for turning his personal rivalries and conflicts with fellow-stars and artists into professional ones. If one gets into a clash with Khan, chances are - he may try to impair or influence your career and Bollywood projects, every chance he gets. Such is his supposed influence.

(Remember his similar attempts to sabotage the careers of Vivek Oberoi and John Abraham?)

Now, as you may already know - the box office star has had a long dispute with singer Arijit Singh since the two had a little sarcastic exchange at a popular award show. And although its been nearly 4 years since it happened, Salman clearly isn't willing to let it go just yet.

The star has reportedly asked the filmmakers of his upcoming flick 'Welcome To Near York', to remove a track sung by Arijit for the movie's soundtrack.

It is being said that the song was to be featured in a scene from the movie, but Salman is still so bitter about Arijit that he asked the filmmakers to get the song redone by any other singer, apart from him.

His alleged dislike for Arijit started back in the year 2014, when while hosting a popular award show, he made fun of Arijit for looking a bit sleepy while coming on stage to receive an award for his debut smash hit, 'Tum Hi Ho' - to which the singer promptly replied by saying, 'Aap logo ne sula diya.'

Responding to which Salman ridiculed his song stating it was because of tunes like these, that one feels sleepy - proceeding to mimicking the track.

The exchange took a more heated turn when lyricist Mithoon later came to stage to receive an award for the same song and responded to Salman's remark on it. The spat turned ugly and cring-worthy to say the least.

Watch it below:

Although like most Bollywood heated-exchanges, one might thing it wasn't a big deal to be dragged for so many years - but Salman clearly isn't someone who likes to forget and let go (Not that the other two were at fault here).

The actor was later accused of cutting several of Arijit's songs from his movies like 'Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo', 'Sultan' and 'Kick' - which eventually made the singer rant about his disappointment with the actor's childish behavior on a Facebook post.

Not that Arijit has much to lose here. Being one of the most successful singers of this era, Singh has his kitty full with projects and a fan-following strong enough to pull-in great attention to the movies he sings in.

But one wonders, if this "rivalry" too would continue to go on for as long as Bhai and his Bhaigiri persist in the industry.

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