Sonakshi Sinha fat shamed. Reveals that a model once called her a "cow"

Source: Wikimedia Commons
One of the worst things that comes with being a celebrity or belonging to an industry that obsesses over vanity is that you're constantly prone to judgement on your appearance and the way you look.

Some may be called 'anorexic' for being too thin while others could be fat-shamed for being on the more voluptuous side. 

Actress Sonakshi Sinha, who's previously had a good-taste of online trolls body-shaming and fat-shaming her every now and then, has revealed how she was at the receiving end of such behavior from a celebrity model - who insulted her by calling her a 'cow.'

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The 'Dabang' actress spoke about the instance during her appearance on Neha Dhupia's chat show - 'BFF's with Vogue', recalling how she was once fat-shamed by a celeb model while participating in a fashion show.

“What is this cow doing on the catwalk…?," Sonakshi recalled the woman saying.

Although, she didn't reveal the name of the model, Manish Malhotra, who appeared on the chat show alongside her, did give a out a name.

"...Shamita Singha" - he promptly said. 

Sonakashi, who's now on a road to a healthier side and trying her best to avoid eating her favorite meals - loosing almost 30 kilos, has already learnt how to look past the negative comments and concentrate on bettering herself.

"Who is anyone to tell me how I should be?," she once said.

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