Sridevi funeral: The actress receives state honor with Indian flag wrapped around her. See her last pics.

A host of Bollywood stars came to pay homage to Sridevi as her cremation and public remembrance ceremonies took place today

The impact of the celebrated actress can be witnessed outside the premises of her Mumbai residence and the cremation ground/club located at a short distance from her home, where thousands of her fans and admirers have gathered with roses and large posters on their hands.

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Some can be seen citing prayers and offering their thoughts, while others share their stories and the influence of Sridevi in them, holding red and white roses in their hands.

Images of fans standing in long queues to orderly pay their respect to the icon speak volumes of her cultural and social impact as an artist.

Honored with a state funeral, the actress' body arrived covered in Indian flag, as several of her Bollywood friends, colleagues and family members joined-in to offer their condolences and say goodbye, one last time.

Decked up for the public remembrance ceremony, the much-loved actress looked at peace as her final images made their way to internet.

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"If Bollywood is the world's biggest film industry, then Sridevi was its queen," reported CNN in their coverage of her demise.

The end of her mortal life, marks the end of an era.

But looking at the faces of the countless people, she influenced during her journey, the legacy sure does live on. 

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