Students from Meerut save 100 liters of milk from getting wasted on Shivaratri with this simple trick

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Before we start ranting about this - let us be clear that it isn't something specific to one particular religion. But for everyone who's come to acknowledge the wastage of food items that take place in the name of worshiping gods on a number of festivals - especially considering that they're so many hungry and starving people out there who could have been fed with it instead, the thought of history continuing to repeat itself in the same manner can be quite frustrating, you know!

Every year when the festival of Shivratri comes, lakhs of devotees visit the temples to worship lord Shiva and showcase their devotion by pouring Milk on the Shivling, and no doubt tons of milk goes down the drain, right on the face of a country that suffers from countless malnutrition-ed kids.

As a breath of fresh air - this year a 24 year old youngster named Karan Goel, took the cause of avoiding such wastage in his own hands, with the help of his friends - who all decided to put a bar on the wastage of milk.

As reported by TOI, Karan and his friends decided to use a hack on his nearest temple and convinced the temple priest for the same. Karan briefed the Devotees visiting the temple about the mechanism with the help of a Pamphlet.

While speaking to TOI, Karan said -

“Devotees pour milk on the kalash which is placed right above the shivling. We made two holes in the kalash — one on its base and the other one at a certain height. The kalash had a capacity of seven liters. So we devised a system which ensured that after one litre of milk trickled down on the Shivling, the remaining six litres flowed into a container through the pipe attached to the second hole,”

Karan and his friends spent only 2,500 rs on the equipment and ended up saving more than 100 litres of milk. They will also be uploading videos on social media platforms to spread awareness and to encourage others to do the same.

Can we all just stand up in applause of these peeps who calmly managed to get the job done without creating a havoc about the same?

Kudos to these awesome chaps for setting an example for everyone!

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