Virat Kohli waves at fan who came with his wedding photo banner during SA match

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma's wedding is definitely the most talked about and the widest reporting celebrity union of the recent past. 

The adorable love-birds tied the knot in a hush-hush ceremony in Tuscany, Italy back in December - and people haven't been able to get over the craze revolving around their sweet little exchange of pleasantries and public gestures of affection.

If their star-studded headline-grabbing dual receptions were not enough - the couple's chemistry, even when they're actually not around each other keeps on taking the social media by storm.

After Kohli sent a 'message of love' to wife Anushka from the field - by kissing his wedding ring tied around his neck as a locket - during a match in South Africa, he has now been seen gushing over a fan-poster during another match in SA - which featured a large picture of the newly wedded couple from their wedding day.

The fan's efforts of putting together the congratulatory banner were paid off nicely as Kohli also took to acknowledge it by waving back at them.

Watch his reaction below:

Although Kohli quickly turned around to concentrate on the match, we're sure it made him chuckle inside.

Indian fans to Indians fan hi hote hai!


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