Watch: 8 YO girl saves her her little brother from a deadly attack by a cow

Although cows are some of the most calmest and human-friendly mammals walking around, you never really know when they suddenly might get triggered from the most un-called for things and start attacking passersby. And although they don't have the natural predatory instincts in them, their powerful head-blows, horns and legs are enough to cause some serious injuries and even fatalities in some cases.

An 8 year old girl and her younger brother found themselves in a similar situation, when they somehow involuntarily triggered an enraged cow - which rushed at them in full force for an attack.

The incident took place in Karnatka, where the girl was seen playing outside her house with her four year old brother when a charged cow suddenly came running towards their direction and started hitting and pushing them vigorously with her head.

The 8 yo girl then promptly lifted her little brother from a little toy-car he was riding and rushed him inside the house, narrowly escaping the attack.

The entire incident has been captured on a CCTV footage, which shows the girl bearing a couple of blows herself in order to cover and protect her younger brother, after which she makes a quick escape and manages to run inside the house.

Within seconds a man comes out and shoos away the angry animal as few other onlookers take shelter inside the house.

Watch the video below:

Have to applaud the little one's bravery and prompt action - to save herself and her brother from any major injuries.

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