WATCH: Policeman promptly takes a plunge to save kid from getting crushed by train

The vigilance and assertiveness of a Mumbai cop helped saved a 7 year old's life, when the kid took a tumble at the edge of a platform - extremely close to a speeding train.

The incident took place on the 2nd of February at around 9 PM at Mumbai's Naigaon Station, when a mother-son duo were attempting board a Churchgate-bound local, which started taking off from the station while they were in the middle of boarding it.

While the mother managed to got on board the train, her son slipped toward the very edge of the platform - which is when the train caught speed.

The CCTV footage captured a few angles of the footage, and showcased constable Sunil Kumar Napa rapidly rushing towards the fell boy, pulling him out of the area with the help of some other co-passengers and travelers - avoiding it turning into a tragedy.

The shocking incident has been captured from a number of other angles, showing how much of a 'close-call' it actually was. 

Watch below :

Lauding Napa's prompt action and devotion - which actually saved the life of the kid, Western Railways showered praise on him and acknowledged his showcase of "exemplary courage and humanity."

He has also been awarded a certificate for his "sense of duty, presence of mind and quick action."

Bravo Mr. Napa!

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