Watch: Zayn Malik sings Kailash Kher's 'Teri Deewani' and the internet just lost it

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So former One Directioner Zyan Malik just decided to lay his vocals on a Hindi song after expressing his love for everything Bollywood in the recent past.

Although Zayn has already had a successful streak as both a former One Direction member and a soloist, it seems he's aiming for more. (Bollywood calling, perhaps?)

The crooner has now lent his voice (unofficially though) to Kailash Kher's iconic initial hit, 'Teri Deewani' and the internet has basically lost its cool - not in a good way though.

Zyan Khan, who's previously showed his interest in "all things Bollywood" - from Shah Rukh Khan to Devdas, he uploaded a video his first cover of a Hindi classic and although it isn't 'Bollywood' - taken from Kailasa's debut album, it has stirred enough talk to go instantly viral.

Wanna know how it sounded?

Hear it below:

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Although the effort can be appreciated, people are already divided on how they feel about the cover.
While most people can't look past the shaky vocals (being a Kailash Kher song, standards ought to be set), Zayn fans don't mind it at all and are applauding the singer for the effort.

So what did you think?

Justice to Kailash Kher or nah?

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