Wife tackles six men with a gun to save husband's life in UP. Watch the shocking footage.

So many of our states have become infested with an increasing number of crimes and cases of violence that sometimes people are inclined to take matters in their own hands to safeguard themselves and their loved ones.

An incident highlighting such desperation (and also laudable vigilance) took place in Lukhnow, Uttar Pradesh - where a man's life was saved by his wife's instant promptness and bravery.

In CCTV footage shared online, the man is seen being attacked by a group of nearly half a dozen men, who start to violently beat him with what look like iron rods outside his own residence.

Hearing the screaming and the noises, the man's wife imminently ventures out of their house with a revolver pointed at the direction of the attackers - who immediately back off and run away from the scene.

Watch the footage below:

Although we don't know the backstory behind this, the promptness and guts of the woman to save her husband's life are definitely laudable. 

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