An inconsolable Rakhi Sawant cries her eyes out on Instagram after Sridevi's death. People call her 'fake'

Sridevi's untimely death has made us witness the impact Bollywood artists have on the lives of countless viewers and admirers.

The sight of thousands of her fans standing in long queues outside of her Mumbai residence, with red and white roses and large posters in their hands, waiting to say goodbye to their favorite star - one last time, speaks volumes about her impact on popular culture.

As many of her colleagues and co-stars also word-out tributes on their respective social media handles, reality TV star Rakhi Sawant decided to show her feelings in her own unique manner.

The controversial Instagram star, posted a video of herself, sobbing uncontrollably to the camera as spoke about how Sridevi's presence mattered in her life.

Although, we know Rakhi has done plenty of stuff in the past with the sole motive to gain public attention, it should only be apt to give her a benefit of doubt here due to how vast the effect of Sridevi's demise has been.

"Why did you have to go?...There's nobody like you," Rakhi was literally bawling her eyes out in the video which actually does make you feel bad for her, or for anyone who's been personally affected by the tragedy.

However, most people on her IG do not feel that way and have gone ahead to call her out for seeking publicity, calling her public display of emotion 'fake' and 'phony.'

Alright, we get that it isn't conventional for one to mourn in a public platform like that, but can't we let everyone grieve in their own way?

It doesn't take too much to be nice to everyone.

Thoughts going out to everyone who's been affected by the legendary star's death.

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