Boney Kapoor planning to make a documentary on wife Sridevi

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Although everyone from Bollywood has been paying homage to the late Sridevi in their own little ways - be it through their words or with throwback pictures and videos, Boney Kapoor has decided to remember his late wife the best way he knows how - by celebrating her life on celluloid.

Kapoor has reportedly decide to producer a documentary giving an in-depth look at the life of the celebrated diva of Bollywood - concentrating not only on her rise to prominence as one of the most successful leading female stars of Bollywood, but also some beautiful memories and milestones from her personal life.

According to a source close to the family, “It will be a kind of one-stop visual legacy on her life and cinema, with the rarest of rare footage and voices of everyone who mattered in her life.”

Boney is also said to be unhappy about the way things revolving around their family have been represented after Sridevi's death, so the documentary will give him the means to set the record straight for everyone and concentrate on the "good things."

Sridevi died at the age of 54, while attending a family function in Dubai back in February. 

Source Wikimedia Commons
Although it is still quite surreal to think of how fast it all happened, we'd be glad to witness a documentary that pays homage to one of the most celebrated actresses of India and puts everything into perspective. 

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