Caught on-tape: Water pipe bursts and shoots SUV several meters into air

In a freaky accident caught on camera, a Mahindra Bolero was flown high into the air after a water pipe located right underneath it bursted out with full force.

The incident took place in Mumbai - which is not stranger to water-havocs. Although most water-situation in the city are caused by due to natural reasons - like heavy rainfalls (and perhaps poor drainage facilities), this particular time it appeared to be an issue with a major damage at a particular section of the city's water pipes.

The footage, which is now going viral across social media, shows the heavy SUV shooting up in the air after a high-force lifts it up from the ground.

The speed and force of the water-eruption can be ascertained by the impact with which it raises the vehicle up in the air, leading the onlookers to freak-out and run away from the site.

It isn't known yet, whether the vehicle was vacant or had anyone on-board.

As rare and thrilling the freak-accident looks, let us hope no one was injured during the havoc.

But it does make us ask a question - what do 'Mumbai' and 'Water' have to do to get along with each other?

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