From Karan Johar to her ex's: Another fabulous no-hold-barred interview by Kangana Ranaut

Off late, Kangana Ranaut has been making headlines not so much for her movie roles but more so for her no-hold-barred interviews.

The 3 time National Award winning actress - has appeared on a number of public sit-downs, where she has spoken at length on subjects - most A-list stars would prefer to take an easy way out of. That is perhaps the reason why, people have been taken aback by her unabashedly politically incorrect statements - calling a spade a spade - time and time again.

After the 'Queen' star broke headlines with her 'Aap Ki Adaalat' interview - going in great details about her past relationships with the likes of Hrithik Roshan and Sooraj Pancholi, the actress sat down for another stellar interview with CNN-News18's Rising India Summit.

Speaking on subjects related to nepotism, her small-town humble background, her love and sex lives - the actress did not hesitate to put her thoughts across and making memorable statements in the process yet again.

Here are some our favorite quotes from the segment:

On Nepotism:

For me it was just an observation. I just feel that it just became a national debate, because at that point of time - subconsciously people were observing it and they wanted to talk about it. It was a catalyst that I said it on the popular show.

On Karan Johar:

It was not for Karan Johar. Why should he change his ways? Its a democracy, we can't tell him hire - this one or that one. Just the same way, I as an outsider, I have the privilege of putting my point out there and tell people who come from the outside - if you're walking on my footsteps, you've got to know what all I dealt with. You can't ask me to shutup. But at the same time, you can't ask him to believe in the talent he doesn't believe in. And it works for him, isn't it?

On 'loosing out on opportunities' after speaking out:

The kind of work I want to I am still able to do. And people who actually don't matter to me, in terms of 'creative artists', the collaboration I would want to have, they're still there. And the ones I don't care about, its okay.

On the intention behind speaking on her past relationships:

The intention is - why something so unimportant should become a big mystery in my life. Its just of no relevance. If you make things, guard them with so much love, they become the aura of your life. I want to guard my children so they become the aura of my life. I want to guard my skill, my talent. I want to guard the most amazing, beautiful, glittering personality aspects. Why would I guard something which has gone so wrong in my life and why can't I share it with people?

On being called a 'Psycho' by her ex's:

If spiritual love, if love where you can feel someone around even when they're not around, you can feel heightened emotion when you burst into tears every time you kiss - if that is psycho love - I love it.

Check out her, yet again unabashedly honest, complete interview segment below:

You do you Kangana. 

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