Fugitive Vijay Mallya is getting married for the 3rd time to Kingfisher air-hostess Pinky Lalwani

Vijay Mallya may be "in a hiding" from the government after wiping away thousands of crores under the rug, but that doesn't stop him from living his best lavish life.

The former business tycoon was charged with money laundering and fraud nearly 2 years ago, for defaults amounting up to a whopping sum of 9000 crores. He then, very conveniently, managed to flee the country and take shelter in London - where he now get Rs 16 Lakhs on a weekly basis as a "living allowance."

As Mallya's lavish life continues to run a steady course outside India, the 62 year old is now set to a tie the knot for the 3rd time with none other than his long-time beau, Pinky Lalwani.

Pinky and Mallya reportedly met back in 2011, when the latter hired her as an air-hostess for his Kingfisher airlines. The two were then spotted together at various public events and were said to be living together as a couple.

Mallya has a total of three kids from his previous two marriages and recently completed three years of his relationship with Lalwani.

Whether or not anyone manages to get the laundered money back from him, expect his wedding to be a lavish affair - as usual.

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