Javed Akhtar slams journalist for criticizing Aamir Khan for playing a Hindu in Mahabharat

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In the recent past, Bollywood movies have often become a target of religious bigotry and extremism. While there are some that have been criticized for downplaying one religion more than the other, then there are also the ones that have been protested against for "incorrect" portrayal of religious/historical characters.

The latest in line of that queue is Aamir Khan's highly anticipated depiction of the epic religious saga - 'Mahabharata.'

Although an official confirmation on the commencement of the project have not been made by anyone yet, talks regarding the speculated 1000-crore budget of the movie have been doing the rounds. It is also being said that the project may be produced and backed-up by none other than, Reliance chief - Mukesh Ambani.

As the subject of the "dream project" reached over to Twitter, one user out-rightly complained about Aamir's participation on the Hindu saga.

Questioning why a Muslim actor be allowed to play any prominent leading character in story, Francois Gautier - a French journalist residing in India, wrote the following:

Taking a stand for Khan, writer and lyricist - Javed Akhtar called out the person and went-in hard on him while putting his bigotry to place.

Here is how Akhtar responded to the tweet:

He didn't stop there, addressing him as a 'scoundrel' and 'ignorant imbecile' - Javed warned the likes of Gautier to not spread their poisonous communal thoughts within the country.

Do you feel Javed's frustration on the subject?

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Mahabharata remake?

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